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History involves the study of people who lived in the past- ordinary people as well as famous people. In History, you will learn about the sources of evidence on which we base our understanding of their lives. You will find out about important changes that, over time, you have helped to shape the world in which you live.

What will we learn in History?

The nature of history. In this we will be looking at the following:

  • Developing historical consciousness
  • Working with evidence
  • Acquiring the ‘big picture’.

The history of Ireland and the history of Europe and the wider world. In this we will explore:

  • Recognising key change
  • Exploring people, culture and ideas
  • Applying historical thinking.

An example of a learning activity that helped students explore some of the topics above is where students tuned in to the Newgrange Winter Solstice. 1st and 2nd year students tuned into a live stream of the event in class. 

What is the History Junior Cycle exam like?

You will:

  • answer questions on different historical sources, such as photographs, cartoons and letters
  • write accounts of what life was like for different types of people in the past
  • answer questions about important events that happened in the past

You will take the Junior Cycle History final examination (2-hour duration) at Common Level.