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The French course is a continuation of the Junior Cycle course at a more advanced level. As the senior course builds on knowledge already attained in the junior cycle, it is strongly advised that students reach a high level of proficiency at this stage, in order to pursue French at Higher Level in the Leaving Certificate exam. However, both Higher and Ordinary Level classes are available at Leaving Certificate level.

Different elements within the subject of French. 


Oral assessment

General conversation with the option of also discussing a picture or document of the pupil’s choice. During sixth year, pupils are afforded the opportunity of sitting a mock oral exam with an experienced external examiner, prior to their actual state oral exam. This is very beneficial as it boosts confidence and aids proficiency.


Listening Comprehension

Students will listen to a CD recording and answer questions on what they have heard, e.g. public announcements, extracts from radio, conversations overheard, etc. Use of supplementary material is also recommended.


Reading Comprehension

At Higher Level, students will explore various levels of meaning and register in literary, journalistic and current affairs texts. All students will also demonstrate grammatical analysis and manipulation of syntax.


Written Production

Students will use the language to express emotions, attitudes and reactions to particular topics and explain, discuss and express opinions on stimuli provided. Personal writing and narrative responses are also required.

Career Possibilities

Specific careers in which French is of benefit include: Teaching; Translation; Interpreting; Linguistics; Localisation; Journalism and Media among others

For more detailed information on the Leaving Certificate French syllabus click the link below.