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English is an international language spoken or being learned by people in almost every part of the world. In Junior Cycle English you will learn how to communicate more effectively with others and to express your point of view in many different ways. You will also have many opportunities to use your imagination and to find out about great writers. By the end of the Junior Cycle course, you should be better able to understand your world and to say what you think about it.

How will I learn English in school?

Within Junior Cycle English there are 3 main areas which are core to the subject.

  • Oral Language
  • Writing
  • Reading

An active approach to learning English is used in school where creativity is encouraged. We also encourage reading and writing and developing the fundamentals of the subject in blended way. The images below show examples of this where 1st year students visited the local library and also shown below are the winners of a poetry competition which was held during the year.

What is the English Junior Cycle exam like?

The Junior Cycle exam has changed over the past number of years, – one of the main changes is that there is now just one paper (instead of 2) and it is marked differently – Distinction, Higher Merit, Merit, Achieved and Partially Achieved are the grades awarded at JC.

In the exam you may be asked to:

  • write about your experience and your opinions
  • write a letter or a report or a speech
  • respond to a poem
  • write about a novel and a play that you have studied
  • talk about TV programmes or newspaper articles or advertisements

You may also be shown some short reading passages and you will answer questions on them.

You can take the exam at Ordinary or Higher level. When it comes to deciding, your teacher will help you choose the level that suits you best.


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