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What is Spanish?

The Spanish curriculum at Junior Cert level is designed to enhance students’ thinking and communication skills, in addition to allowing them to participate in a global society. In Spanish students will learn to speak and write Spanish but in addition to this, they will gain a sense of the rich cultural heritage of Spanish speaking countries. The course has three strands:

a.) communicative competence

b.) language awareness

c.) socio-cultural knowledge and intercultural awareness

How will I learn Spanish in school?

We offer Spanish as part of a collaboration with Presentation Secondary School Castleisland. This gives students the opportunity to study Spanish to Leaving Certificate in a mixed classroom setting. 

Assessment for Junior Cycle Spanish

Written examination: A written examination worth 100%. There will be one examination paper at a common level. This is marked by the State Examinations Commission.

Classroom-based Assessments (CBA’s)

CBA’s are completed during normal class time, are individual projects and are assessed by the class teacher.

CBA 1: Oral communication

CBA 2: The student language portfolio