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Business Studies:

What is Business Studies?

Business Studies helps students to make more informed decisions in the everyday business of living. It gives students a better understanding of the world of work. It encourages students to think about how and why people start up in business and why students too might also consider starting a business.

Business Studies has three interconnected strands.

  • Personal Finance focuses on students making informed decisions to effectively and responsibly manage their financial resources.
  • Enterprise encourages students to identify opportunities and develops an understanding of the financial, marketing and operational functions of an organisation.
  • Our Economy enables students to understand the dynamic relationships between the local, national and international economic situation.

Students complete a Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) in second and third year:

  • CBA 1: Individual / Group Project – 2nd Year
  • CBA 2: Individual Presentation – 3rd Year

What will I learn in Business Studies?

Some of the things you may do with your teacher and your classmates are:

  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Develop money management skill
  • Record Income and Expenditure for personal finance and for a business
  • Understand your rights and responsibilities as a consumer
  • The importance of technology in today’s world of business
  • Understand the value of marketing for a business
  • Develop and understanding of basic economics, both micro and macro.

Local Enterprise Programme

Students will also have an opportunity to take part in the Kerry Local Enterprise Programme and possibly take part in the All-Ireland Competition. In 2022 our second years entered the Intermediate Competition and were County Champions. The students came up with an idea to speed up the Gaelic Football matches using a remote-control car to drive the kicking tee out for the keeper. The competition allows students develop their entrepreneurial skills and combine them with their hobbies and interests.

Above are some images from our second year county champions project.

How will I learn Business Studies in school?

Business Studies will be 40-minute classes. The assessments will be carried out with class tests, term exams and project work through the 3 years.

Final Examination:

Takes place at the end of third year and is set and assessed by the SEC. One examination paper is offered at common level. Maximum of two hours in duration.

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