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What is Graphics?

Graphics is part of the suite of the technology subjects offered in Junior Cycle. In Graphics you will learn how to represent 3-D objects on paper using drawing equipment and sketching. You will also develop skills in Computer-Aided Drawing (CAD). Graphics encourages the exploration of the real world to explore concepts relating to Graphics. Throughout Graphics your problem-solving skills and creative thinking skills will be developed in the solving of graphical problems.

What will I learn in Graphics?

Some of the things you may do with your teacher and your classmates are:


  • how to produce drawings using drawing equipment, freehand sketches and CAD
  • how to read and interpret drawings and diagrams
  • how graphics relates to the design and manufacture of products
  • the importance of geometry in our surroundings

Will Graphics have anything to do with other subjects I will be studying in Junior Cycle?

The skills developed in Graphics are very useful in many of the subjects in Junior Cycle due to the problem-solving nature of the subject and the ability to communicate information using sketches and diagrams. Graphics is particularly useful for STEM subjects such as Mathematics, Applied Technology, Wood Technology and Coding.

What is assessment for Graphics in Junior Cycle?

The assessment for Graphics includes 2 Classroom-Based Assessment.

A 30% project and 70% final examination.

For a full view of the learning journey click the link below:


How will Graphics be useful to me?

Graphics helps you to think in a more logical and creative way. You will be able to communicate information using diagrams and sketches. You will have learned how to present information in a neat and organised fashion. This subject will be of use to you if you want to progress into career areas such as architecture, all engineering codes and trades people.

What happens to Graphics after the Junior Cycle?

Graphics is followed on by Design and Communication Graphics (DCG) for the Leaving Certificate.


Below is an explanatory video created by Architect Dermot Bannon outlining the skills developed in Graphics.

Dermot Bannon – Talks Graphics