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For the month of March, we will be focusing on the physical activity levels and nutrition of all first year students. We hope to increase their physical activity levels and improve their knowledge of healthy eating throughout the month. We will carry out a standard fitness test at the beginning of the month and complete a retest in 4 weeks time to see if there were improvements. Results will not be published. This is simply for students to see if they benefited from adapting a slightly healthier lifestyle in school.

Each week we will focus on a particular aspect of fitness and each day we will challenge the students to complete tasks relating to health and fitness. As well as this, students will set weekly goals that they will hope to achieve. It would be great if each household got behind this initiative for the month of March and encourage the students to participate to the best of their ability.

Focus for each week

Week 1 (Beginning March 6th)  –  Increasing Physical Activity Levels

Week 2 (Beginning March 13th)  –  Fruit & Veg Intake

Week 3 (Beginning March 20th)  –  Drinking Water

Week 4 (Beginning March 27th)  –  Healthy Food & Drink Swaps

Activities throughout the month will include: 12 at 12 (12 mins activity at 12:12), 5k run/walk, make your own lunch for a week, make healthy snacks for break time, extended time for PE, talk from a nutritionist, advice from Kerry footballer Darren O’ Sullivan, fruit eating challenge, calculating their resting heart rate, and much more…