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All first years participated in a 6 week health and fitness programme again this year. In January, the first years did a fitness test known as the ‘Beep Test’. This is a test of their fitness and endurance levels. The results were recorded and each student was informed of their score.

After the initial test students were given an individualised 6 week programme to improve their fitness levels. All students showed great maturity and hardwork in following these programmes and the results in the retest were significantly higher. Students were also given food diaries and various challenges were undertaken to promote healthy eating.

In March, the students undertook the ‘Beep Test’ again in the Community Centre in Castleisland. The results from all students were remarkably improved and showed how hard they had worked over the previous 6 weeks.

Well done to all first years and we hope they will continue with their fitness programmes and healthy eating.